How Long Does An Eviction Take?

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Will My Eviction Be Handled Quickly?

An eviction is not necessarily the most pleasant experience. The fact of the matter is that far too often you will not be dealing with a simple non-renewal of lease. More and more landlords are dealing with non-payment situations and each of their circumstances will be different.

A Simple Notice Might Help

In some cases, a notice will do the trick. Often, a simple notice will give a tenant that is already on their way out the motivation to get moving along. Some tenants hold off on moving until they actually get the notice. It seems counterintuitive but many tenants feel that they have some leverage and it isn’t until the moment that they receive the actual notice that they begin the process of packing up and leaving the property.

State Laws and Guidelines

The process of eviction will be dependant on your individual state laws and guidelines.  Some states are tenant-friendly and you may experience frustration with adjournment after adjournment. The key is to understand your state’s policies. In addition to the state guidelines, the eviction process is also reliant on the courts themselves. If there are grievances there may be a back and forth and the court may even allow the tenant additional time to move. It all depends on the type of eviction case and your city and state of the residence.


There will be some tenants that do not even bother to show up for court. In those instances, you may get a default judgment against them. In that case, the tenant may be removed from the property much sooner. Some judges will order an eviction in a matter of weeks and that can be followed by the need to have a marshall or sheriff assist in removing the tenant.

If the tenant decides to fight the eviction, this can extend the period of time that they take to move as the court may allow for extra time depending on the circumstances surrounding the eviction and the tenant’s means to move. The process of eviction can take days to months between the initial notice and court proceedings.

By : admin | August 9, 2020 | Evictions