Three Mistakes Landlords Should Avoid


Complying As The Landlord

As a property owner, you have a responsibility to comply with the law as it relates to eviction. Although it can be a frustrating experience to live through this, following relevant laws and rules can assist you with the preparation and management of your case. A landlord is eligible to evict a tenant for failure to vacate the premises after a lease agreement has expired, if the tenant causes damage to the property and it leads to substantial property value decrease, if the tenant has violated a provision of the rental contract or non-payment of rent.

Every State Has Unique Guidelines

A landlord has to use the eviction process and every state requires separate guidelines. However, you must give termination notice. Ignoring eviction rules such as shutting off the utilities is one of the most common mistakes that landlords make. A second mistake made by landlords in the eviction process is engaging in invasion of privacy before the tenant has vacated the property. Trying to spy on the tenants to figure out what they are doing, could actually allow the tenants to file a lawsuit against you for violation for privacy.

Evidence Is Important

The more evidence they have in their favor, the easier it will be for them to potentially pursue damages in court. Another common issue faced by landlords as it relates to evictions has to do with getting rid of the abandoned property. You must treat any property left behind by the tenant as abandoned and you must notify the tenant about the cost for storage, where to claim the property, how to claim it and how long the tenant has to claim the items. If property stays unclaimed and it is worth more than a particular amount, you can sell the property at a public sale after publishing the notice in a local newspaper.

Value Of A Landlord Tenant Attorney

The landlord can throw it away or keep it away if it is of extremely low value. Consulting with an experienced landlord-tenant eviction attorney in your state is extremely valuable for clarifying your rights and following the procedure effectively as a property owner.


By : admin | September 13, 2020 | Evictions