What Important Elements Do I Need In My Rental Agreement?

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What You Need To Know-

A Rental Agreement lays out the basis of the terms of your rental. The agreement will go on to define both your rights and responsibilities as well as the tenant’s rights and responsibilities. It is important to remember that this agreement becomes binding in the courts should you ever have to come before the justice system to enforce the agreement.

What Should Be Included In Your Rental Agreement?

  • Full names of all occupants (collect a copy of identification for each)
  • Identify whether or not additional occupants may reside on the premises, including children and guests
  • Full address and description of the rental unit, including whether or not parking and laundry are included
  • Terms of the agreement should include the first day of occupancy as well as the lease expiration
  • Monthly rental amount, as well as the initial first, last and security, should be detailed in the agreement
  • Detail what is included in the monthly rent (utilities), and what if any items are the responsibility of the tenant
  • Include any details related to maintenance and repair fees and who is responsible
  • Detail under what circumstances you, the landlord, will be entering the property thereby laying out your access rights in the event of emergency repairs etc.
  • List out any important rules, guidelines or policies that the tenant must adhere to, i.e, no smoking, no drugs, no loud music after a period of time etc.
  • Include the contact information for all parties, including emergency contacts for the tenants
  • Include any necessary disclosures, such as lead paint or deaths on the property etc.

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